As a leading Destination Management Company in the region, no one knows the secrets of Arabia better than Saifco Travel and Tourism. We offer you the best insight view of the most traditional, charming and modern places of the United Arab Emirates.

We are determined to continue on the same path and deliver personalized, reliable and high–quality professional services to all our guests and business partners and follow our vision to showcase Arabia as one of the most exciting destination in the world.


“Is to continue to be known as preeminent service-oriented travel management company, which puts customer first and cares about people, our professional consultants will strive to exceed expectations of every corporate client and individual traveler, providing a once in a lifetime.”


The mission of Saifco Travel & Tourism Management Company is not only to continue being one of the leading travel and Tourism Company of choice in the UAE market, but also to expand its horizons in the region providing premier service options and innovative solutions to all customers.

Saifco Travel & Tourism History

In 1971, the Group’s founder Mr. Malik Haji Gul Rehman initiated the humble beginnings of what has now grown and diversified into a multi-faceted business entity. Backed by the credibility and business excellence that spans over four decades, today, SaifCo Group extensive business profile shines with proven track record of delivering superior results for our clients and investors. Our deep-rooted values continue to guide our work and behavior and have helped us earned the trust of our stakeholders and business partners.

Benefiting from our extensive experience and credible accomplishments in delivering numerous commercial real-estate ventures, the SaifCo Group has now stepped in Travel and Tourism Industry.

We see this as a symbol of an exciting step forward in embracing our business and improving our brand for our customers, partners and all visitors.

2008 was a very special year; this was the year that Saifco Travel and Tourism, a dream, became a reality. With over extended experience, I am very proud to say that we are one of the leading Destination Management Companies (DMC) within the UAE and PAKISTAN.

Saifco Travel & Tourism is a leading online travel agency that aims to provide a hassle-free traveling experience. Visit some amazing famous places in the United Arab Emirates as we show you the secrets of Arabia. We are not only operating in Dubai, but our travel agency UK is also making traveling arrangements for our clients. If you are looking for a travel agency near me, we should be on top of your mind. That’s because we offer a seamless experience with a quick booking process.If you want to go to another country, then you should contact our visa agency. We will make it possible for you to travel anywhere in the world. Because what’s the fun of living a boring life in your area when you can explore the world?

Book Exciting Tours from Our Travel Agency Dubai

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah are some of the famous cities for tourists visiting the UAE. Keeping this in mind, we are arranging one of the best tours in these areas. However, you can go anywhere in the UAE by letting us organize a special tour for you.We can arrange: Other than that, our travel agency UK is responsible for arranging Umrah visas and full packages. Our visa agency can make all the arrangements for Umrah like hotels, transportation, and visas. However, if you want to do this planning all by yourself, we can just give you the visa. We are open to personalizing a tour according to your requirements. Just share where you want to go and we will handle the rest.

Professional Tour Operators

It is not easy to perfectly plan your tour, especially when it’s your first time in the UAE. And why should you waste time doing so when our online travel agency is here for you? Free yourself from unnecessary worries while enjoying the beauty of this country by letting us handle all the arrangements. And you will be traveling in an air-conditioned comfortable vehicle.UAE has almost everything one can dream of like a desert, skyscrapers, and luxurious hotels. You can have the best adventures in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and time will fly very quickly here. So make sure to enjoy each and every moment.We are making economical tours a reality. There is no need to pay a high price for exploring Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Simply book a tour with us and enjoy a seamless experience. From a Dubai desert trip to a luxury yacht tour, we have got it all. Experience one of the most adventurous and thrilling tours across the UAE.Our tour operators are doing a tremendous job of preparing the best deals for our clients. They are quite proficient in organizing and preparing holiday tours. So if you are looking to make the most out of your holidays, get in touch with us. We can make a custom package for you.

Our Travel Agency Dubai Makes Tours Memorable

Our travel agency Dubai will try to make every tour memorable for you. Whether you are on a Dubai desert safari or are visiting famous places in Abu Dhabi, our guides will be there. These guides make tours more fun and exciting by telling you about the amazing locations you visit.If you want to explore the United Arab Emirates, you should consider contacting our visa agency. We will arrange a tour where you will have a great time learning about the culture of the UAE. All our clients are equal to us. So anyone can get a private or custom package. We are on a mission to offer a reliable and personalized experience at a market-competitive rate.

Why Our Customers are Happy With Our Online Travel Agency

If you check out our customers’ reviews, you can see they love our tour arrangements. And there are some solid reasons for that. First of all, we carefully plan entire tours to the last detail. This means our transportation service is on-time and you can expect to follow the planned procedure for the rest of the day. Secondly, the price for every tour is reasonable. So you can travel with your friends and family without worrying about the price. Thirdly, you get a great transportation facility with a pickup and drop-off. Finally, we offer customized packages. For example, you can get a private tour with your family. There are so many other reasons for choosing our online travel agency for your next tour. So get in touch with our tour operators today and let us plan an exciting adventure for you.
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